Finding Good Dj Equipment


Essential Equipment for DJ

  While we include most of the DJs used below, note that today the controller typically includes mixer, player, and software control surface functions when providing a connection to audio, USB, or iOS gear.  A DJ setup may include some or all of the equipment listed below.

  •   Gear for playing audio (a DJ controller, computer, mobile device, DJ media player or turntables when using a good dj voice over.)
  •   An audio interface to direct your audio to external hardware and software
  •   A controller- or iOS-based setup for software and computers
  •   A standalone DJ mixer if your other hardware / software does not include mixing functions
  •   Headphones
  •   A passive or powered speaker system (if you perform in locations where there is no suitable PA)

  Why did dj go digital

  At one time DJs performed with turntables, whether they were spinning dance records or scratching the vinyl hip-hop genre.  With the advent of MP3s and CDs, many DJs switched to these new formats due to their greater reliability, easier transportation and potential for music library management, extensive control and music manipulation.  DJ gear makers climbed on fast-acting players and controllers, who took advantage of the ability to slice and dice beats and create jaw-dropping shows beyond the limits of vinyl.

   While a controller allows you to manipulate your software or app more quickly, it is the software itself that does all the cool stuff that has revolutionized the DJ world.  The software performs all important functions that help you manipulate your music files.

  What do dj software and apps do

  Software and apps designed for DJ use monitor all your mixing moves, apply filters and effects you choose, trigger samples, modify music waveforms, and do dozens of other cool tricks that are out of date.  In the days there were impossible or necessary external gears, the DJ software provides virtual transport control for playback as well as building virtual decks on which you will mix.

  By looking at the software options you will find that many involve the same or similar functions.  In the end, how well those tasks will work for you depends on two factors: your convenience with the software’s user interface and how well your controller manages it.

  What do dj controllers do

  Today’s controllers usually include three elements:

  A control surface made up of knobs, buttons, jog wheels, pads or fighters that gives you control over software functions and settings.  Display and LED indicate system status, audio level and various other parameters.

  An audio interface that transmits your signal to external devices, including computers, mobile devices, effects processors, and PA systems, depending on the type of connector it has.

  There are several factors you must consider in selecting a controller.  Construction quality is, of course, very important, especially if you are a mobile DJ – you want gear that is up to the rigors of the road.  It is also important that you can easily make your way around the controls.  Pay attention to the layout of the controller to ensure that it is organized in a way that makes sense for you, the most important factor in deciding on a controller is the software you are using for dj.

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